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  • The most comfortable, light-weight, and natural looking hair available!

  • No glue or tape involved, making the removal process quick.

  • No sticky residue left behind after removal.

  • Less damage, hides better, and won't slip out.

  • Ability to style and pull back without exposing your extension secret.

  • Custom color of your hair along with the extensions, creating a flawless blend.

Common questions about IBE Hand Tied Extensions
  • How are the extensions placed on the head? 

    • We use beads along with your own hair to create a track on the scalp. This track is the anchor for which wefts are sewn on. It creates a hard to see, halo of beautiful hand tied hair. ​

  • How often will I need to come in to the salon for maintenance? 

    • Every 6-8 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows and your comfort level.

  • How often will I need to replace my hand tied extension hair?

    • The average is about every 9 months. This depends on the the color of the hair and how well you maintain it. Darker hair tends to last a bit longer. One benefit of this system, we can just replace the wefts that need to be replaced, without having to replace all of your hair at once.​

  • How many rows of extensions will I need?

    • This depends on whether you need fullness, length, or both. We will discuss this during your phone consultation.​

  • Can I wear my hair up in a ponytail?

    • YES! It may take a day or two for your extensions to settle in, but yes, ponytails and braids are both beautiful options without your extensions showing!​

  • Are there products that I must avoid when wearing my IBE extensions?

    • There are zero restrictions, but there are maintenance requirements to keep them looking beautiful. We do recommend leave-in conditioners and oil products to keep your extensions in the best condition possible. 

  • Can I go swimming in a pool, or the ocean with my IBE extensions?

    • Absolutely! And please ​feel free to take me with you to the ocean! We just need to be sure that you are using the right products to stop any salt or minerals from drying out the extensions themselves.

  • How much is my initial investment to begin wearing IBE Extensions?

    • Clients can expect to ​invest anywhere from $1200 to $3500 on your first appointment. This does include all hand tied hair, any color necessary to achieve your desired results and blend the extensions.  You will also receive a welcome gift of products to help you maintain your beautiful new extensions. 

It is my goal to help you achieve your dream hair!! I look forward to having a consultation, via phone, where we will discuss your goals, color inspiration, and answer any questions you may have regarding hand tied extensions. This consultation is FREE, but a 50% down is required to schedule the in salon service. 

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